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Don't Lose Your Home Without a Fight

GA Foreclosure Lawyers Can Help Stop The Foreclosure Process

Keep The Home You've Worked So Hard For

In these times, even a brief financial setback can trigger serious problems that threaten your ability to make mortgage payments. As you work to get back on your feet, the last thing you need is to worry about losing your house to your lender. The experienced attorneys at DebtStoppers help keep the dream of home ownership alive for clients across Georgia through skillful negotiation and determined advocacy.

If you’ve been notified of a default, you might not have much time under state law to defend yourself. With locations in Atlanta, Lithonia, Stockbridge and College Park, our dedicated lawyers can give you the immediate help you need to keep your home.

Don't Let a Creditor Take Your House Without a Fight

Even if you don’t have the ability to pay what you owe right now, there’s no need to walk away. By consulting with a qualified foreclosure defense lawyer, you can learn about legal options that you might not have considered.

One potential solution is Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which allows you to halt an ongoing foreclosure and restructure your mortgage payments so that they fit your budget.

Is Chapter 13 Right for Me?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy has helped countless Illinois homeowners escape foreclosure and find financial security. But everyone's situation is a little different, and whether Chapter 13 is the best choice for you depends on a few variables. Your best bet is to consult a professional bankruptcy attorney when considering bankruptcy. But, in general, Chapter 13 is a good fit for the following:
  • Those who earn a regular income
  • Homeowners at risk of foreclosure — or anyone unwilling to part with certain assets
  • People facing financial difficulty due to circumstances beyond their control, like job loss, medical expenses, divorce or some other hardship
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Knowledgeable Attorneys Provide Effective Solutions For Debtors

Georgia is a nonjudicial foreclosure state, which means that lenders are not required to obtain court approval before they foreclose upon a home. Once a property owner misses a mortgage payment, a financial institution can send and publish a notice of intent to foreclose.

Known as a power of sale proceeding, this gives the homeowner as little as 30 days to remedy the situation before a sale occurs in front of the local courthouse. Under this fast-paced system, it’s critical to find an attorney who can jump right in and find creative, effective options to your mortgage or property tax concerns.

We Do All The Work For You

Your DebtStoppers Attorney Will:
  • Deal with your creditors for you so you can breathe again
  • Collect your tax returns and credits reports for you
  • Prepare all filing documents for you
  • Provide independent credit counseling right in our office
  • Represent you at all court hearings
  • "Absolute professionals! Amazing people and great service! The bankruptcy law firm that will always help you!" - H.P.

  • "They were very informative, friendly and I was treated with the utmost respect. They also work quickly to putting you on the right track." - D.A.

  • "This is a great bankruptcy office they walk you through and are understanding no judgment here. Would highly recommend. " - M.G.

  • "They were great! Excellent service from attorney and staff! " - D.S.

  • "Debtstoppers is a great firm! The customer service was too notch and their lawyers really cared!" - J.S.

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Proven Firm Knows How to Stop Banks From Dispossessing Residents

Money troubles that put you and your loved ones in jeopardy affect Americans of every demographic and income level. There’s no reason to be embarrassed or discouraged about your situation. Our firm has given individuals and families the advice and advocacy they need to overcome the toughest mortgage problems. We can give you the legal support you need to avoid foreclosure.

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